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Best Free File Sharing sites

Sharing files on internet is trend now and everyone looks for choosing the best ways to share files online for free. There are many sites on the internet which allows you to share or store files online. Some people use cloud storage services to store their files online but there are many other sites on the internet which allow you to share large files online for free. Cloud storage services like Skydrive, Google Drive are still best ways to store and share files with you friends but if you want to explore more I’m giving you the list of some extra websites to share files online free.

Best Ways To Share Files Online – Free Tools

Ge.Tt is an instant, real-time file publishing and sharing service. It lets you share images, documents, videos, and files with one click. You don’t have to create account to upload files. You can also track how many people viewed or downloaded the file. The process of sharing is very easy just drag and drop the file and your file will be uploaded in no time.

With you can send your shared files on an email directly from the site and it is completely browser compatible, No need of any type of installation just open the site and start uploading.

Best Ways to Share Files Online Free - GE.TT

Files which are uploaded without any account will be removed after 30 days, and if files are uploded by an account the the files stays as long as your account is active. Creating a free account will allow you to share files upto 2 GB and if you want to extend go for a premium account.

Files Over Miles

It allows you to send your files over the internet quickly and securely. You can also encrypt the uploaded file with password. To use Files Over Miles your Browser should support Flash. Using Files Over Miles you can directly share files between your Browser and the person you want to share with. The great advantage of Files Over miles is it is based on peer-to-peer file sharing and you can share files of unlimited size without having an account.

Best Ways to Share Files Online - Files Over Miles


Dropify integrates with Facebook and lets you publish and discover files, making them more social, allowing files to be shared in quite viral way across the Facebook. After integrating dropify with you Facebook account you can upload files (pdf, doc, audio/video etc.) and you can publish the file and also embed it in Facebook. Dropify creates an activity feed post when files are downloaded, making links to files spread fast on Facebook. Dropify allows you to share 1Gb data free. To share files more than 1 GB you have to signup for premium account from $9 to $99. Dropify is great tool to make your file go viral on Facebook.

Best Ways to Share Files Online - Dropify


You can share your files upto 250 MB without any account. There is no restriction on number of files you can share using Pastelink. Just drag and drop your files into the browser to use Pastelink. By making an account you can share upto 2 GB. Your file will be stored on the site’s server for 7 days.

Best Ways to Share Files Online - Pastelink


JumpShare is a free service to share any number of photos, videos, docs etc. and view over 200 files format files online. Just like Pastelink , JumpShare doesn’t require you to register, unless you want to share files above 250 MB. JumpShare is secure way to share files, All files are encrypted with AES-256 standard and which ensure no one can gain unauthorized access. JumpShare is completely free, to upload files greater than 250 MB you have to make an account on JumpShare. Files are deleted after 7 Days if you want to keep the files you must create a free account. A great feature of JumpShare is organizes your shared files and folders.

Best Ways to Share Files Online - jumpshare

There are many other websites on internet which offers to share files online for free. So, How is your experience with these websites Let us know by commenting below:

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