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Best Websites to Download Free Software and Apps 2014 - Filehippo

Being a regular Windows user we often need different Software and apps per our needs for which we first need to download them from third-party sites before we can install them on our system but you must keep in mind that it is not 100% safe to download all these free software’s from untrusted website’s which could later eventually lead to serious data loss or theft because of embedded viruses or malware’s within the software installer package so here in this article I am going to let you familiar with some of the most reputed popular download site’s that collects and distribute them all across the world.

At present there is a huge collection of such website’s and it is really difficult to choose the right one for downloading the software’s without any future risks. You will notice that these website’s offers the software’s under different categories like Freeware, Shareware, Trial version and paid version so it’s totally up to you which version you want to download as per your requirements. Therefore Here below I have shortlisted Top Best Websites to Download Free Software and Apps 2014 which are very convenient to use and will save you lot of money. These sites will not give you just the free software’s but will also help you in selecting the right product as per your system specifications and your needs where you can find a variety of products ranging from Anti-viruses, System software’s, Utility tools, Audio video editing software’s, media players, wallpapers and much more.

Top Best Websites to Download Free Software and Apps 2014

Best Websites To Download Free Software And Apps 2014 – Top Sites


Brothersoft is a very renowned website consisting of an enormous selection of software downloads including Freeware, Shareware and paid versions. You don’t need to be an expert to use this site for downloading the software’s as it provides a very clean and simple to use User Interface with a search box along the top of the site to ease the way of finding the software of your choice. It constitutes one of the most top and highly rated software’s in its database that are widely used and downloaded in millions of quantity daily. Over 250,000 software collection covered under 7 different channels that includes Windows, Mac, Mobile, Games, Web apps, Widgets and drivers with more than 10,00,000 downloads everyday.


Softpedia is yet another popular and user-friendly software download site with a huge library of both free and free to try software programs for different platforms including popular Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux plus more. Apart from providing the software’s it provides a detailed information about the present and future technology products with their reviews. Similar to Brothersoft it also offers freeware, trial ware and retail software downloads where you can found thousands of software’s available for download. As per the reviews of softpedia it has been found that softpedia hosts the largest selection of online game downloads as compared to any other sites. Most importantly it accepts software’s directly from the software developers which means that the developers no longer need to create a special account for uploading of the software.


Soft32 is a very safe and reliable as well as popular download site which basically collects software’s and distributes them by listing them on their website so as to make them available for download to the users. Any software developer is free to submit their software on soft32 for free without the need of creation of any additional account as far as the software meets the terms and conditions like free from viruses, malware or suspicious scripts that may cause potential harm to the user.Still after having such a large database of applications it is not considered as the best website because of the presence of obtrusive and misleading ads and no search options which makes quite difficult for a user to search for a specific program in such a huge database. All the software downloads are provided with a special area for review and rankings.

Best Websites to Download Free Software and Apps 2014 - Soft32


FileHippo is a growing software downloading website that has shown remarkably great popularity in such a short time.It offers computer related software’s with super fast download speeds without the need of any proprietary Downloader. As compared to other websites it doesn’t accept user uploaded files. Moreover, it offers its own software, FileHippo Update Checker that checks your system for program updates and provides with the download link of the updated software if available. As per Alexa FileHippo lies  among the 600 most visited websites worldwide.

Best Websites to Download Free Software and Apps 2014 - Filehippo

That’s all in the Best Websites to Download Free Software’s and Apps 2014 therefore if you find this article useful don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook or twitter by clicking the share button….If you have any other useful website’s in your mind that i have missed  above please let me know by commenting below….ThanksA

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