Best Websites To Improve Your Typing Skills And Why It Is Important?


At present we have gone so much ahead in technology that we found ourselves completely surrounded by sophisticated gadgets where computer’s or laptop’s have worked their way into just about everyone’s life and to keep pace up with this dynamic world we need to improve our skills not just the typing skills for which we are here to learn but all other major skills like conceptual, technical or analytical skills etc.

I have witnessed more than hundred’s of individuals struggling while typing not just the student’s but also the working individuals which is indeed an issue of major concern in this era of rapidly changing technology. I am not saying that I am perfect in typing No one is perfect but there is always a chance to improve or learn to master your typing skills but this requires great passion and dedication. When I was at school I struggled a lot while typing on keyboard, at first typing was a complete ‘NO’ for me but as the time progressed I saw a lot of improvement in my typing skills for which I have taken several typing tests and tutorial’s to master my skills.

Therefore today I am here with you to share my experience How I mastered my typing skills by utilizing the free online typing resources, tools and most importantly special websites that are specifically designed to improve your typing skills. But before I move on it is necessary to know why acquiring typing skills is so much important in present date ?

Why Keyboard Typing Skills Is Important?

As I said above one of the most responsible factor that encourages the need of possessing excellent typing skills is to keep a pace with the rapidly changing world and technology. No matter which career field you choose or pursue there are extreme chances that you need to improve on your typing skills in one way or the other.

Almost all the communication between companies or distant individuals is achieved via emails, documentation; online chat which demands good typing skills. That is why having a good keyboard typing skills stands so much of importance in today’s life.

Thus in short having a good control over the typing skills and speed opens up a gateway to new opportunities for your career and income earning potential, even providing an opportunity to get interacted with others and helps in socialization.

Best Websites To Improve Your Typing Skills – Get Started With The Following:

Most of the people doesn’t take typing seriously and start hammering out the letters just by using two fingers which is totally unacceptable especially when you start using your typing skills as occupation therefore you need to learn proper way of typing skills which can be learned from the following given Best Websites to Improve your Typing Skills.


Typing Web is basically a free online typing tutorial portal for typists of all skill levels. It is a great website especially if you are more concerned on increasing your typing speed. Go through as much as online tests and typing lessons to master your skills. Typing web includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification. More than 5 Million Students & 100,000 Teachers are using TypingWeb to improve their typing skills.


It is one of the best website for beginners to start learning typing from scratch where you will be guided through the basics of typing like sitting posture, finger positions etc and after that it allows you to take practice tests to improve your typing speed. The best part is that you can use all these guides and online test for free of cost and also you will get a certificate on successful completion of the typing test.

Rapid Typing

Rapid typing is an amazing website which provides you with both free online typing tutorials, lessons as well as Offline Rapid typing tutor application designed to teach adults and kids of all ages to use their keyboard in a more efficient way. Rapid typing helps you learn typing in a more entertaining way via Typing games, lessons and tests. It provides a Full courses for Beginner, Advanced and Expert typists. Virtual keyboard support to help you guide through the right finger positions and motions while typing.


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