How To Block Phone Calls On Your Android Smartphone

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So you are the one getting unwanted calls every day, be it a prank by friends , getting unwanted calls is very irritating. Of course you can be polite and ask them to stop calling you again and again, but this doesn’t work all the time. In this case I have got something that might interest you. So let’s see how you can block a number in Android phones. The calls u block are automatically rejected and the caller gets the feeling that your are consistently hanging up on him/her. Android’s Contact application allows you to set up auto-reject of incoming calls on a per-contact basis, but in case you want more control over it Google Play Store is flooded with many call blocking apps. You don’t have to search and find the best .I will help you out here to find you the best app to Block phones calls on your android Smartphone.

Best Free Apps To Block Phone Calls On Your Android Smartphone:

Call Blocker

This app holds the most downloaded app crown .This app has plethora of features that can please any user. Call Blocker blocks unwanted calls now and protect your privacy. Now with better developed features, you don’t have to worry about privacy leakage. Protect your private info 24×7 If English is not you native language and have trouble reading it. No Worries! This app supports Chinese, English, German, French, Portugal and Spanish.

Features of Call Blocker

Block unwanted calls: You can auto reject them or you can have a message sent to them saying you’re busy.

Block spam SMS (block blacklist)

Helps you store your contacts to a server

Swiftly and easily erase the call history and delete SMS messages

Auto-detect of one-ring malicious calls

Very easy to understand and operate

Mr. Number-Block Calls, Texts:

This app is as good as call blocker but got some more features. Mr. Number is one of the most powerful call blocker and text blocker on the market. Block texts and calls from a person, a business, a prefix, or the world.

Features of Mr. Number

Reverse look up features gives you information about the caller

Blocks calls from a person or telemarketers

Automatically intercept calls and texts from private/unknown numbers

Call Control:

Call Control is full featured, super easy to use app available in market for free trusted by over 5M Users worldwide to block unwanted calls and texts. With Call Control your phone only rings when you want it to.

Features of Call Control

It automatically blocks active spam callers reported by community

This also blocks telemarketers and debt collectors

Personal Blacklist lets you block any phone number or area code

Reverse look up to find out the details about the caller

 Thus with the above listed top free apps you can easily avoid or rejected unwanted callers from calling you, if you think you have some better ideas for the same you can feel free to provide your thoughts by commenting below.

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