How To Enable Or Disable Safe Mode In Htc One M8 : Easy Way

HTC One M8 Safe mode

HTC One M8 is a premiere smartphone from HTC that delivers the best performance and class apart features as compared to most of the latest Android Smartphone’s available out there in the market. HTC One M8 offers an eye catching design that looks brilliant with strong built-in quality giving a luxurious feel while holding in hands. It is equipped with the fastest mobile processor that is 2.3 Ghz Quad Core Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801 processor supported by 2GB of RAM. Now speaking about its display HTC One M8 Sports 5 inches Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen boasting FULL HD Resolution of 1080*1920 pixels at 441ppi.  Overall HTC One M8 is a great phone to have that offers all the premium features that one expects while an android smartphone and currently there are thousands of HTC One M8 users around the world. Therefore if you own HTC One M8 android smartphone and are having difficulty while accessing Safe Mode in HTC One M8 which is quite different from the normal booting process then you don’t need to worry anymore because here below I have mentioned a complete step by step guide on How to Enable OR Disable Safe Mode in HTC One M8 via the easiest method available but before we move on it is better to know what actually is safe mode in android smartphone’s and why do we need it.


We all have heard about safe mode in Windows system but what about safe mode in android ? – Well in android devices there is also a safe mode feature which is pretty much similar to that of Windows pc safe mode and is a default feature provided with every android device. Safe mode in android devices grant access to certain higher level priviliges and functionalities that are not accessible in normal user mode. Moreover in safe mode the device operates much faster as compared to normal operation speed.

HTC One M8 Safe mode

How To Enable Safe Mode In Htc One M8 : Steps To Follow

In order to Enable Safe mode in HTC One M8 you need to go through a series of procedure as mentioned below.

• First of all Turn off your HTC One M8 before starting the process.

• Now Turn on your HTC One M8 by pressing the POWER Button.

• Here While booting HTC One M8 Press the VOLUME DOWN Button when the HTC Boot Logo shows up in the screen.

• Continue PRESSING VOLUME DOWN Button until the Google Android Operating system loads fully.

• There you will see a SAFE MODE popup message at the bottom of your screen verifying that the SAFE MODE has been completely activated.

• That’s it and you have now entered into SAFE MODE successfully.

Note – If in case you don’t see the SAFE MODE verification message then just repeat the whole procedure once again until you are successfully done entering SAFE MODE in HTC One M8.

How To Disable Safe Mode In Htc One M8 : Steps To Follow

If you want to exit the Safe mode in HTC One M8 OR want to disable safe mode in HTC One M8 what you need to do is just RESTART your android smartphone and you will be back to the normal mode operation.

• To RESTART your Phone you Just Press the POWER Button couple of times until you see the POWER MENU Screen and from there just select the RESTART option and you are done.

Alternatively – If you are having difficulty in Restarting your Smartphone then just POWER OFF and POWER ON your HTC One M8.

I hope you find this article helpful and if in case of any difficulty or issues you can contact us by dropping your query by commenting below and I will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible..Thanks

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