How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error – Best Ways

How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error – Best Ways

Microsoft Windows 7 is still the most popular and preferred windows choice for most of the users even after the release of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as it is quite easy to use and delivers great performance even while running on a system that is too old in terms of its hardware specifications. Moreover Windows 7 is recommended Operating System especially for Hardcore gamers as the gaming performance is just unexceptional on Windows 7 and all the game runs just without any compatibility issues.

Apart from these great positive features it suffers from one major drawback that is it is quite expensive even after the launch of Windows 8.1 OS and makes it quite difficult for the users to buy an original copy of windows 7 and so they prefer to run a trial version but after 30 days of trial period they stuck with facing black screen and Windows 7 not genuine error which is quite annoying and frustrating to face therefore if you are the one facing the same error just follow the below given detailed step by step to fix this error.s

Using Command Prompt (Recommended)

When I first listened about activating Windows 7 via using Command Prompt I was totally shocked and I know some of you might also be shocked to hear the same but that’s not fake its real and works just perfect as I have fixed this Windows 7 not genuine error in most of my friends desktop and laptops running Pirated copies of Windows. The reason why people get shocked is that it is quite wondering to know why would Microsoft itself include a free and easy trick to make windows 7 genuine simply by using their own official Command Prompt Window and Windows 7 commands.

Note – Though this method works fine but you must remember that you can’t fix this error permanently forever because there are restricted number of tries in which you can use the following command and in my knowledge it is about 3 times but it is totally worth trying and if you want to make your Windows Permanent forever then you can simply follow the alternative method that is by using free third party applications

Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine error Using Command Prompt – Steps to Follow

• Open your Command Prompt (cmd) and Run it as Administrator

Note – To Run CMD as an Administrator Just Type cmd in the Windows Start Search box and Right Click on CMD and Select Run as Administrator

• Type the Following Command and Press Enter


• Wait for a few seconds and you will shortly see a message indicating “Command completed successfully, please restart the system for the changes to take effect”.

• Therefore Just Restart your System and You no longer will face the Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

Using Third Party Applications

There is a slight drawback about using the above given method that is you can’t make your Windows Genuine Permanent forever because of restrictions in the number of tries of entering the command therefore after the maximum tries have been reached then you need to switch to third party applications to remove this Windows 7 Not Genuine error and to be honest it is quite simple simple and easy to do.There are basically two Popular applications that are widely used by most of the users across the world which includes Windows 7 loader and Window 7 Remove WAT Utility.

Warning – Please use any of these never try both the tools

• Download Windows 7 Loader

• Download Remove WAT Tool

How to Use these tools ? (Don’t use both the Tools)

It’s quite easy to use them simply download them from the above given download link and Install them and keep in mind that you just use any one of these two tools


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