Tip: Google Analytics Shortcut For Better Productivity

Google Analytics Dashboard

Are you often using Google Analytic and are annoyed about the default behavior of Google Analytic when you open the Analytics dashboard that it is jumping to yesterday and not to today´s date?

There are some great undocumented shortcuts which allows you to jump with just two clicks into the current day, into yesterday, last week and the last month of your website statistics.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Switch Date Shortcut

When you are in your Google analytic dashboard you can switch between different time modes with just two simple clicks on your keyboard. For me it is extremely time saving, because the default date of Google Analytic is the ‘yesterday’ when you open the dashboard. So if you want to switch to the current day and you are a performance and efficiency-liking person and don’t want to use your mouse, just press first on your keyboard

‘d’ (like day) to initialise the date switching function

than choose one of the following time selectors:

‘t’ (for today)
‘y’ (for yesterday)
‘w’ (for last week)
‘m’ (for last month)

So if you want to switch to the current day you press the two keys in a row:

‘d’ ‘t’

That is extremely helpful, especially for user who are looking very often into their Google Analytics dashboard and have the need for a fast switch between different date modes.

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