How To Check Health Of Your Hard Disk For Common Problems?

How to Check Health of your hard disk ? - Using Windows Error Checking Tools

It is one of the most frequent question often asked by computer users ‘How to Check Health of Your Hard Disk?’ – Therefore today we are going to introduce you with some of the best ways or tools that can be employed to test the health your hard disk drive absolutely free of cost.Hard disk is one of the most important part of your computer because it contains your valuable data. Hard Disk failure is probably the worst thing you may face and it generally happens without any warning signs. Hard Disk failure occurs due to several reasons like power failure, a bad OS installation, virus infection or any other physical damage. Hard disk failure can result into the loss of critical data. So, it’s better to make a backup of your data, especially if you are unaware of the condition of your hard disk. However you may run certain tests on your computer to check the condition of your hard disk. In this article i will show you some methods by which you can diagnose and solve your hard disk problems easily.

How To Check Health Of Your Hard Disk For Common Problems?

Using Windows Error Checking Tools:

Sometimes the problems in your Hard disk may occur due to third party applications. Fortunately all the recent versions of Windows come with an inbuilt program which can check the hard drive for errors. Follow the guide given below to check your hard disk for errors.

  • Open “My computer” and right-click on the drive which you want to scan and click on Properties.
  • Switch to Tools Tab and click on “Check now” button.

How to Check Health of your hard disk ?  -  Using Windows Error Checking Tools

  • Now a new window will appear showing the message to scan your Hard drive. Click on the Start scan option and wait till the scan process is completed.
  • After few seconds Windows will show you the results after scanning the Hard drive.

Check Sounds Of Your Disk:

If your Hard disk makes crunching, grinding sounds while booting PC then these are the signs that your hard disk is damaged. In this case you should Turn off your computer to prevent further damage and contact your PC manufacturer or Hardware engineer to fix your Hard disk or to make a backup before it totally dies. Best prevention here: Make a backup as often as possible.

Use Disk Checkup Tool:

Disk Checkup tool is a free utility which monitors the SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) attributes of the hard disk, logs their evolution and let you know in the advance if the drive could crash at any point in time. It monitors your disk’s temperature, read and write error rate, etc. and alerts you when these parameters tends to dangerous levels. Disk Checkup can also perform two types of tests in order to better evaluate the state of the hard drive. The short version shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete, while the extended test requires over ten minutes. So, Disk Checkup can be the useful tool to keep your hard disk safe and to maintain you hard drive’s performance.

Use Hdd Expert Tool:

HDD expert is also available in the portable version. With the help of this tool you can examine the health status of your hard disk and improve it before a serious crash or failure occurs. It is a free tool and good for both beginners and Experts. It also monitors the SMART attributes to analyze the health level of your Hard disk.

Use Tuneup Utilities:

Tuneup Utilities is not a free software but its worth its price because it optimizes your computer for better performance. Apart from Hard Disk maintenance this tool also consist some great features like defragmentation of the  Hard disk, Uninstall programs, Registry cleaner. The interface is both well-organized and user-friendly, which enables users to explore all the tabs with ease, especially since TuneUp Utilities is a complex application with tons of features and many tools for optimizing the computer. Each function is presented in a very pleasant and intuitive way. You can download 15 days free trial of Tuneup Utilities after that you have to pay $49.95 USD.

These tools are to check you the status of your hard disk. It is recommended that you make regular backup of your important data. To sum it up you can use any of these method to test your hard disk for problems. In case your Hard disk is damaged and you couldn’t fix the problem then it is always a plus point to contact a Hardware engineer or a friend who is experienced in computer hard- and software.

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