How To Reduce/Lower/Decrease Dota 2 Ping Or Lag – Solved

Dota 2

Dota 2 has received global attraction due to its exciting gameplay. It is an online battle area game that is currently available on Steam that divides players into two teams that then battle each other in a beautiful, exhilarating world that few other games can truly match. In order to play it at its best, however, you need to have an excellent connection and you need to have minimal lag. For many users, high ping makes that difficult. When you live in a country with few servers or issues with available servers, you are likely trying to play while experiencing quite a bit of Dota 2 lag. Having the game go slow can be a killer, which is why you need a real solution. Below are a few ways that you can reduce Dota 2 ping in an effective, simple manner. They are widely available, easy to use, and show spectacular results. Make sure that you utilize them if you want to improve your gaming experience and become the better fighter.

Dota 2

Reduce Dota 2 Ping With Leatrix Latency Fixer

Leatrix is a long trusted and used solution to high ping numbers. If you are dealing with issues regarding ping and would like a solution that you can trust, Leatrix is likely the best option for you. It has been around for years, helping gamers to decrease ping quickly and easily. It is not just a way to lower Dota 2 ping, either. It has been used with various other games, including World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, along with a long list of other popular games. It gives a boost to your TCP frequency, making it easier for your computer to send and receive messages. You will notice a remarkable difference in ping once this gets started; helping you to combat your Dota 2 lag.

There is not some huge process behind Leatrix, which is one of the major reasons that it is so popular. If you do not know a lot about ping or how to reduce it, or if this is your first time with such a program, you should have no troubles getting started.

To start to lower Dota 2 ping, you need to download Leatrix and extract the ZIP file. Once extracted, run Leatrix_Latency_Fix_3.00.exe to get this up and moving.

When it starts running, it is going to ask you to install. Click the install button and then wait for it to show as installed.


After the message shows that you have installed Leatrix successfully, reboot your computer.


There is nothing more for you to do here. Leatrix will begin to reduce Dota 2 ping right away, helping you to play with minimal lag. You should see your numbers drop to 40 – 60ms.

Decrease Dota 2 Ping With Wtfast & Battle Ping

These two are rather similar. They both help you to set up a network that is dedicated to gamers, improving the overall gameplay so that you are not experiencing Dota 2 lag. You will see an improved connection and speed, and you will have pings reaching as low as 40ms. They build a path set up specifically for MMO gamers looking to take the most from the experience, and they work exceptionally well. Usable with a large number of games, they have become popular options for people trying to improve their connection. If you are considering using WTFast, you should know that the first 30 days are your trial; afterwards, you will deal with disconnections every 20 minutes until you sign up for premium. You can still use it, of course, but it may prove inconvenient.


Using either of them to reduce Dota 2 ping is not that difficult. Thanks to their wide availability and simplicity, regardless of your experience or knowledge with similar programs, anyone can start making use of them. You just have to follow a few simple steps in order to get started, and then you can start benefiting from the decreased lag and improved gameplay.

First, you have to download the one that you want.

Going through the appropriate website for either, you can find the download file rather easily.

After the download has finished, click the file for installation. The process should not take too long, ensuring that you are able to start playing as soon as possible.


With everything running, start following the directions given by the program of your choosing. Make sure that everything is set up to your specifications so that you can gain the most here.

Get the game open the moment everything is completed to experience the difference these programs can make.

Make sure that you are using one of the programs above, or another trustworthy solution, if you are trying to lower Dota 2 ping. They can help you immensely with very few difficulties. Downloading, installing, and setting them up will be an easy task for anyone, and the difference that they can make is incredible.

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