How To Improve Performance Of Windows 8

How To Improve Performance Of Windows 8

If you are using PC then speed is the most important factor which all users want in their computers. Windows 8 boots fast than any other previous versions of windows and has many other new features like metro start screen and has very nice and catchy desktop. Windows 8 works faster than any other version of windows but you can still increase its performance by using some good tweaks. So, this article will help you to improve performance of Windows 8.

1. Manage Startup Programs

Open task manager by right clicking on your taskbar and switch to startup tab.

Disable the extra programs which you don’t need at the time of startup.

If you have many startup programs then it will certainly increase your computer startup time. So, disable the programs of your choice and your computer startup time will definitely decrease.

Just select the programs and click disable to prevent it from starting at your computer startup.

2. Use Windows Defender For Security

Use of third party security program may slow down your Computer performance. Therefore to increase performance of your Windows 8 use windows defender which is the by default security program in Windows 8. Keep window defender updated to prevent any threat from coming to your computer. Windows Defender is good security program which is same as the Microsoft security essentials.

Improve Windows 8 Performance

3. Clean Up The Junk Files On Your Pc

Use the Disk cleanup tool provided by Windows 8 to clean temporary and junk files on your computer. Press windows button and search for the disk cleanup(go to settings) to open disk cleanup. Select the drive which you want to cleanup and click OK.

Improve performance of Windows 8

4. Manage Your Hard Drives

Windows 8 has another great feature “Optimize Drives” which can optimize your hard drives for better performance. This feature can automatically optimize your drives. Windows optimizes you drives weekly you can change settings to optimize your hard drive manually.

Defragment your Hard drive Once a week.

5. Disable Unwanted Animations

Windows 8 and windows 7 shows animations when you open,maximize or close a program. These are the unwanted animations which decrease your PC performance. To disable them Right click on MY Computer > system properties > Advanced System settings and click on the performance settings. To maximize your Windows 8 performance Uncheck the options as shown in the image below.

increase performance of windows 8

6. Change Power Settings

Power plans determines whether battery life or performance should be prioritized. Press windows button, type power plans, click settings and enter to open power plan options. In default balanced mode windows 8 will automatically reduce Computer’s speed when the PC is no longer needed. Balanced mode saves power. Click on show hidden plans, To increase performance use it in High Performance Mode and your PC speed will never reduce. You CPU will run full speed at all the time.

power options of windows 8

7.Put Your Computer To Sleep

Instead of shutting down your computer put your computer to sleep. In sleep mode your computer will consume low power and saves electricity. By putting your computer to sleep you can save Time and Energy. You don’t have start up all the programs you working from beginning windows will resumes all the programs to save the time.

8. Pinpoint Apps Using Lot Of Resources

It is unique feature which is provide in windows 8 which pinpoints the apps which slowing down your computer. Open task manager Right click on taskbar => Task Manager. Click on more details and Now you will see the Apps which are using lot of resources are highlighted darker. Disable the programs which you don’t need and using lot of resources.

increase performance of Windows 8

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