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Do you experience the problem of not having an automatic spelling and correction check function in your favorite editor? I agree, that´s not a real issue when you use OpenOffice or Microsoft’s office package which already has a spelling correction program which helps you to find the right spelling for your words, but most real authors and multi frequency writers who have a real passion for writing articles are often using a pure text editor which helps them to bring their creativity to a new level. Most pure text and code editors  does not deliver a spelling program but fortunately there is a small program which can extend every windows program with a useful spelling, auto-correction and suggestions function.

This little program is tinySpell and it detects any misspelled word on the fly and gives you than suggestions for correct replacements.


How To Install Tinyspell Spelling Check

At first you have to download the little tool:

Download Tinyspell

Decide if you want to install the portable or the installer version. The portable version is fine when you do not want to have it installed or when you are not allowed to install any software package on the computer you are working, e.g. a computer of your company, or a borrowed computer of a friend. There is als a paid version with some more features but here we are talking only about the free version

When you downloaded the chosen version start the installer or portable version. After complete installation process you will find the tinySpell application icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your system. Just do a right-click and it opens the following context menu:



It’s recommended to do some adjustments for the first use of tinySpell. In the settings window there is the option Spelling tip. Set it to Large and Bold. Its better visible and more eye friendly.


There is another setting which produces for every misspelled word a beep. It´s also recommend to disable that beep, because it gets very fast annoying. But that’s only my personal recommendation. You can enable it. It could be helpful when you are  looking more on the keyboard instead of the screen when you are typing.

Last but not least, there is an integrated dictionary which can be filled up by you with very unique words that are only known by you.


In the Applications option dialog you can define programs which are working or not working with tinySpell. In our case that would be the native Windows application notepad.exe or my favourite code editor notepad++


How Does Tinyspell Detects Misspellings

When we adjusted all settings let´s go over to Notepad and write some example text to test if tinySpell is working right as desired:


If you write any word and the tool detects a misspelling you have to accept or ignore the suggestion tinySpell is showing. If you just ignore the suggestion and continue writing you will not be reminded again about the spelling issue. So keep that in mind.

One of the greatest feature of tinySpell is that you are not limited to text you write in any program. The program itself also detects spelling issues in file and folder names you want to create:

If you have the need for just checking the correct spelling of a word, there is an independent function in tinySpell which makes that possible. Right-Click on the tray icon of the tool you can open the spelling window. Write there the name of the word you are not sure and tinySpell will give you some suggestions.



tinySpell is a very useful application for everyone who writes a lot on the Windows powered computer and it’s definitely a must have program. As it comes optional as a portable version makes it outstanding in comparison to other spelling tools.
If you find any similar application you can give me feedback in the comments here.


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