[ Updated] How To Make Windows 8 Look Like Windows 7

make windows 8 look like windows 7

Microsoft Windows 8 comes with a very innovative and complete different look. Apart from the technical differences from the earlier versions of Windows one of the main difference between windows 8 and window 7 is the presence of start menu. Windows 8 shows start menu in a completely different way. Despite of the change in look windows 8 also comes with some good features like fast booting speed installation of apps and have a very good interface. But different users have different views about these changes so, if in case you don’t like the look of windows 8 appealing and want to switch back to the old look of windows 7 without downgrading or Installing windows 7 then just read this article. In this article I am giving you some good tweaks to get back the look of Windows 7 in your windows 8 PC.

make windows 8 look like windows 7


Main Differences Between The Look Of Windows 8 And 7

Start Screen

Lock Screen

Windows 8 apps

These are the main changes in windows 8 and to rollback these changes apply the tweaks explained below:-

1. Change Start Menu

Windows makes you go to a completely different start screen to launch an application or conduct a search. There are many Third-party tools which can bring back the start menu of windows7 which includes Classic shell and Start 8. Classic shell is a free Utility but to use Start 8 you have to pay $4.99. Both tools will work the same but Start 8 is better than Classic shell.

1.1 Change Start Menu Using Start 8

Start 8 Windows 7 menu

Download and Install Start8 (Start 8 comes with 30 day Trial version after that you have to pay $4.99 to use this software)

Select windows 7 Style and windows 7 theme in the Style tab

Select The desktop Mode and check “Disable all Windows 8 hot corners”

Check “Automatically go to the Desktop Mode when I sign-in”(This option will boot your PC straight to desktop)

Switch to control tab and Uncheck “Show the Windows 8 menu when I press the Right Windows key”

Now close Start 8 and look for the changes in your Start menu.

1.2 Change Start Menu Using Classic Shell

Download and Install Classic Shell (It is free to use)

Launch Classic shell there you will see 3 different styles, Select the style you want and click OK.

Windows 7 start menu in windows 8

Note – There are many other options too in Classic shell to customize your Start menu.

2. Disable Lock Screen

Windows 7 gives you the direct login screen but windows comes with a lock screen, you have to swipe to enter login screen. You can disable this lock screen easily by following simple steps given below.

Press Windows+R to run window and type regedit in it.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows

Now create a new registry key called Personalization by right clicking on windows then selecting new then key and name the folder that appears.

Create a new DWORD value and name it to Lock screen. You can create DWORD by right clicking in the white space on the right side of the window and select new then DWORD(32 bit) value.

Rename the DWORD to NoLockScreen.

Assign NoLockScreen value by 1. Double click on NoLockScreen and and enter 1 in the dialog box that appears.

Close regedit and reboot to note the changes.

Windows 8 Apps In Desktop Mode

Windows 7 user can directly access every program from the desktop but in window 8 to access windows 8 apps you have to switch a new screen and you cannot manage your apps directly from the desktop. But using third party tool you can directly access you apps from the task bar. ModernMix allows you to make these changes. Follow the simple steps to access Windows 8 apps directly from Task bar.

Windows 8 Look Like windows 7

Download and Install ModernMix(It comes with a 30 days trial version after that you have to pay $4.99 to buy it)

In general tab select Windowed Mode

Switch to Advanced tab and select “Never return to the Windows 8 menu when I close applications”

Close ModernMix settings window

Now you can directly access the window 8 apps from your taskbar

3. Install Windows 7 Theme

Window 8 doesn’t have the translucent aero glass effects and style which is present in windows 7. You can get back these effects by installing windows 7 theme which gives you a very similar look of windows7.

How to Install Window 7 Theme in windows 8 – Steps to follow

Just follow the simple steps given below to change you theme to windows 7

Download and Install Uxstyle. This tool tweaks you windows setting so you can Install third-party themes.

Download Windows 7 Theme and open its zip file

Copy the contents of Themes folder to  C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

Now Double click on Windows 7 Aero icon.

Thats all now your theme is changed to default windows

Now your windows 8 will definitely look like windows 7

If you are facing any problem in using these tools let me know by commenting below and I will reach your shortly.


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