How To Remove Security Tab From File Or Folder Properties

How to Remove Security Tab from File and Folder properties

You might have accessed the “Properties” Window many a times to get all the relevant details about that particular file or folder like basic information such as type of file, overall size, creation date etc where you also have seen an extra tab called “Security” just after the General Tab but have you ever wondered what actually it is and what are its benefits and disadvantages ? – If not, don’t worry I am going to let you know about the Importance of Security tab and how we can remove it from the file or folder properties window with some simple registry tweaks.

What Is Security Tab ?

Security Tab of any file or folder deals with the ownership of the file that gives you the power to change the owner of that particular file or folder.

You can also modify the file permissions from security tab like whether you want to give it a Full Control or Limited control by the windows.

Why Do We Need To Remove Security Tab ?

Though it is not necessary for every user to remove the Security Tab but if you are very much concerned about the data on your system, in that case removing the security tab might prove helpful for your as it will restrict the third party or unauthorized users from changing the file ownership or permissions.

How To Remove Security Tab From File Or Folder Properties – Best Ways

There are various different windows tweaks by which you can easily remove security tab from file or folder properties window which i have listed below.

Note – Please make sure to take a backup of your Windows Registry or even better create a system restore point before proceeding with the given steps as any incorrect step may lead to system failure.

Using Windows Registry Editor

Open RUN Command box by pressing Windows + R

Type regedit as shown below

Remove Security Tab Using Registry Editor - 1

After that navigate to the following entry


Here in the right pane windows Right Click -> New -> D-WORD -> Name it as NoSecurityTab

Set its value to 1 and Restart your computer so as new effects can take place

Remove Security Tab Using Registry Editor - 2

That’s all now close your windows registry and you will no longer see Security tab in the properties window

Note – If you want to enable the security tab once again just edit the Key value to 0

Using Group Policy Editor

Open your local group policy editor to open it type gpedit.msc in RUN Command box as shown below.

Remove Security Tab Using Group Policy Editor - 1

Now from the left pane window keep on expanding User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer

In the right pane of windows you will see an entry with name as Remove Security Tab and here select it and click on edit as shown below.

Here Just Select the option Enabled as shown below to remove the security tab

Click Apply -> OK

That’s all and you are all done.


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