How To Remove Vprot.exe? What is Vprot.exe? – Solved


There are situations when your systems seems to appear running slow showing poor performance suddenly and as soon as you encounter this you open your Windows Task Manager to check all the running process and there you find some unknown process running in background consuming a lot of system resources and you get worried seeing those process thinking them to be a malware or virus especially when they are utilizing most of the resources that is outside of your knowledge and understanding and to your surprise vprot.exe is one such process that runs in background and eats up your resources but is vprot.exe safe or is it a virus let’s find out below What is Vprot.exe and How to Remove Vprot.exe from running in Task Manager.

There may be several questions arising on your mind after seeing Vprot.exe is Task manager like What is vprot.exe?, Is it a virus?, How to stop vprot.exe from running?, Will removing vprot.exe from task manager after the normal system processing? and there are much more questions that can arise in your mind and thus here below is an answer for all your questions in this very single article.


Vprot.exe is an executable windows file also called as Vprotect Application that belongs to anyone of these VProtect Application or AVG Security Toolbar or AVG Technologies or AVG SafeGuard toolbar or AVG Nation toolbar but don’t worry it is not a malware or any virus.

It is basically a part of AVG applications that is used to protect AVG Toolbar and default search settings of your browser to keep AVG Safe Search as your primary search or simply we can say it is a component of AVG toolbar and can be avoided from occurring in the Windows Process by unchecking the AVG Toolbar and Internet Protection Option while Installing AVG Application.

Stop Vprot.exe from Running in Task Manager

Overall Vprot.exe is a safe to use applications and it is not a virus or malware so if you have got this process running if you have AVG installed on your system then you don’t need to worry anymore but if it is still there without AVG Installation or VProtect Application then there are chances that it can be anything so it is better to take care of such processes and kill them as soon as you found.


To Confirm whether this vprot.exe is a part of AVG or not you can check its Digital Signature and confirm it by Opening the vprot.exe File Location by doing Right Click on Vprot.exe Process and Select Open File Location -> Right Click on the File -> Select Properties -> Navigate to Digital Signatures Tab and there if you See AVG Technologies under Name of Signer then this means that is a part of AVG Application.


As discussed above the origin of Vprot.exe process is all due to AVG components that is AVG Toolbar and AVG Secure Search in most of the cases so that makes it clear that if you remove these two components then vprot.exe will be automatically removed from your system so let’s proceed with the steps to Stop Vprot.exe from running in Task Manager.

  • Go to Windows Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> Find AVG Security Toolbar or AVG Secure Search in the Installed Application list
  • Once found just select it and Uninstall it and that’s it you have successfully removed and stopped Vprot.exe from running in background.

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