Schedule Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate In Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/Xp

Schedule Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate - Autoshutdown scheduler

Usually I keep receiving emails from my fellow readers asking for latest windows tips and tricks, solutions for various problems etc and yesterday also I received one such mail from one of my readers asking for a way for manual scheduling of shutdown, restart or hibernation of Windows PC or laptop and I really appreciate the reader’s concern on this topic which is indeed very useful one for most of the user’s who were already looking for a solution on How to schedule shutdown, restart or hibernate process in Microsoft Windows So here in this article I am going to provide you with an easy working solution for for manual scheduling of shutdown or restart process in your Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP.

You will often face situations while working on windows system where on one side you were getting late for a visit and at the same time you need to be present before the system so as to shutdown the computer after process completion which is really frustrating to face as by default there is no built-in option by which you can schedule the shutdown, restart or hibernate process though you can do it via the Windows Task Scheduler program for this operation but it is not that easy and user friendly so in such case you can always use third party applications for this scheduling processes which are listed below.

How To Schedule Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate In Microsoft Windows – All Os Versions

Using Autoshutdown Scheduler

AutoShutdown Scheduler is a freeware scheduler application that offers easy poweroff, restart and hibernate scheduling operations for your Windows PC or laptop.By Using AutoShutdown Scheduler you can set a time in advance at which you want your system to auto shutdown, restart or hibernate.Also it allows daily scheduling as well as particular day scheduling with an added functionality to set the timer in hour or minutes by which your computer will automatically shutdown as the timer approaches to 0.

Schedule Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate - Autoshutdown scheduler

The best part of using AutoShutdown Scheduler is that it very easy to use with a User friendly interface and navigation.You just need to download, install and configure it as per your requirements.It comprises of two different tabs one that is of scheduler and other one of timer.

Using Power Scheduler

Power Scheduler is another freeware software from AskVg created by “Cedric Poottaren” that gives the same functionality as offered by AutoShutdown Scheduler.Apart from the usual features like shutdown, restart or hibernate scheduling it also allows you to set a password for a scheduled task so that no one cancel your task without your permissions.

Schedule Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate - Power scheduler

It is available in 2 different versions one that is for Windows 7, XP or Vista and another one for Windows 8 and 8.1 which can be downloaded from the below given link.

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