How To Secure Your Wifi Wireless Router – Best Ways

secure your WiFi Wireless Router - Change Router password

Wifi Wireless Routers offers the best and reliable Internet connectivity option without taking extra tension of handling or connecting physical wires to get access to Internet on your systems but apart from providing these features you must keep in mind that using Wireless router isn’t that much easy and safe as it seems as it can lead you to serious legal entanglements that you can’t even imagine so it is better to avoid facing such situations in near future therefore here today I am going to let you familiar with some of the best useful tips that you can follow to secure your WiFi Wireless router but before we proceed lets take a look at some of the commons reasons for why we need to secure our wireless routers.

There are more than thousands of cases being registered where someone hacked into their Wireless router and did serious illegal activities or crime thereby leading the owners into trouble, so always stay safe. Also unauthorized user access causes performance issues with your Internet connection causing it to slow down because the speed gets divided between the users.

Why You Need To Secure Your Wifi Wireless Router ?

To prevent unauthorized access to your WiFi

To avoid legal entanglements in near future.

Secure Your Wifi Wireless Router – Best Ways

Change Default Password And Set A New Strong Password :

Setting up a strong password is the best and easiest method by which you can secure your Wireless router. Most of the users forgot to change their default router passwords that’s why there are easily hacked because the default password is mostly common depending on the maker. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you should immediately change your default wireless router password settings before someone else hack into your router and reconfigure it as per his/her needs.

secure your WiFi Wireless Router - Change Router password

Note – Use the best password encryption method i.e WPA2 or PSK don’t use WEP password encryption because there are more easily hacked.

Always Update Your Existing Firmware :

Just like we use to update our Windows or software’s it is recommended that you should update your existing router firmware to get better security and performance features though you won’t get any direct update regarding updating your firmware rather you would need to manually check on router’s manufacturer’s website.

Disable Remote Administrator Access :

Now a days almost all the Wireless routers are equipped with Remote Access feature that allows you to get acccess to your wireless rotuer from anywhere around the world but this features adds another security risk that can put you in loophole for hackers no matter which manufacturer’s router you have so it is better to disable remote access feature of your wireless router if you don’t need to access your router settings from other locations.

Enable Mac Filtering On Your Router :

Enabling MAC Filtering is also one of the best medium to secure your WiFi Internet connection preventing unauthorized user access. All the WiFi devices  possesses a unique identifier called as MAC address that is used by the routers to keep track of the connected devices. Therefore you can add the MAC address of all the devices that you want to connect to your Wireless router in the Filter list therefore any device not on the list that tries to get on will be blocked from accessing.

Disable Dhcp And Upnp :

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol that allows the remote devices connected to your router to obtain a dynamic IP Address thereby connecting to different networks. Therefore it is best to use static IP Addresses where you can set your own Private IP Address range because hackers can easily grab your IP addresses from your network’s DHCP Pool so disabling the DHCP prevents third party intrusion.

Millions of routers responds to UPnP requests received from Internet worldwide leading attackers on the Internet to remotely configure your router so disable UPnP.

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