How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet

Google Android OS comes with additional security feature apart from the normal password security feature that is Pattern Lock security which is very common now a days and can be seen in 90% of the Android Users. This Pattern lock security is much more better than the normal password security feature reason being that it is easier to remember pattern codes instead of remembering long passwords and that’s the main reason that pattern lock has become so much popular. After seeing the success and popularity of Pattern lock security feature in Android Smartphone’s various apps and third party software’s have been released for Windows Phone, Java Phones and even for Microsoft Windows PC to provide pattern lock security to the users.

Overall Pattern lock security feature is a great concept and is really helpful but this can be really embarrassing or painful if someone forgets the Pattern lock. Also there is a limitation set in the android devices upto which you can try the wrong number of attempts to unlock android pattern lock after which your phone will be locked permanently and the only way left to unlock Android pattern lock is via logging into Google Playstore account but what if your internet data usage is over and now the real problem arises. Therefore under such cases you need to visit your nearest service center and if you are lucky and your phone is under warranty then you will get the issue resolved for free of cost but if the warranty is over you may have to pay extra bucks to get the problem fixed which can range anywhere between Rs100-Rs500 depending upon your service center which could be quite frustrating therefore here below I am providing you with a simple step by step solution on How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Internet connection.

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Connection : Best Methods

Basically You can Unlock android pattern lock in easiest way if you have internet connection at that particular time by logging into your Google Account and resetting the pattern lock settings but if you don’t have Internet Connectivity at that moment then you should go through the below mentioned methods in order to unlock android pattern lock without internet connection.

Method – 1 : Booting Into Recovery Mode (Secret Terminal)

• Turnoff your Android Device by pressing the Power Button

• After switching off the android device just press the volume up and down button.

• Now Press and Hold the Power button along with the volume up button.

• Now you will be booted into special Recovery mode some call it as Secret Terminal but the official term is Recovery mode.

• Press to use home button for scroll up and down.

Now you will get an option to choose DELETE ALL USER DATA.

Note – This will erase all your Important Data and Apps from your Internal Storage memory but you have to do this if you want to unlock android pattern lock. Your phone will go into factory default settings hence all your contacts, sms and internal data will be wiped out. If you don’t want to loose your data then try the below given alternative method.

• Just Confirm DELETE ALL USER DATA by selecting the option.

• That’s it wait for few seconds after which your phone will restart and you will no longer face the Android pattern lock again.

Method – 2 : Using Android Sdk Developer Tool

You can also use the Android SDK Developer tool to reset or unlock android pattern lock or android password and it is better than the above method because here you won’t loose any of your data and other stuff stored in your android device. Just go through the below given steps on How to Unlock android pattern lock without Internet Connection Using Android SDK Developer tools.

• Just Download the Android SDK Tools into your System.

Note – If you are asked to Install Java Runtime Environment then you can download and install Java JRE from here – Click to Download Java JRE

• After Downloading Android SDK tools extract the contents of Android SDK tool Go to the location Android SDK Windows Tools path.

• Here click on adb.exe file to install the program which will show a small window and will disappears immediately.

• Here in this Android SDK Windows Folder perform a Right Click holding SHIFT Key together and Open Command prompt.

• Here Type the command adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key (To Unlock Pattern)

• That’s it and you are all done your android pattern lock is now successfully reset.

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