Useful Tips To Increase Battery Backup Of Your Smartphone

Useful Tips to Increase battery backup of your smartphone

Tips to Increase battery backup of your Smartphone – Today one of the most concerning issue regarding all the latest gadgets whether it be a Smartphone or Laptop is their poor battery backup even with the most expensive versions. There’s no wonder in saying that even after providing a wide range of functionality or capabilities battery life has always been a major concern not only for the users but for the developers and manufacturers too. What can be more frustrating than watching your Smartphone losing 50% of the battery in middle of the day after  charging the battery fully especially if you are frequent traveler. A low battery as low as 10% limit’s the usage of your Smartphone i.e. you can’t take pictures or capture videos with your Smartphone.

At present all the leading global brands like Apple, Samsung or Nokia suffers from this issue which are trying their best to cop up with this by showing regular improvements in the internal hardware structure of their devices consuming less power, providing a long lasting battery life but do you really think this is all that is required to achieve a good battery backup? – No that’s not enough, you are the sole master of your Smartphone it ‘s all up-to you whether you want to last your Smartphone battery just a couple of hours or even better a couple of days. With few simple tips and useful battery management apps you can easily maximize your Smartphone’s battery backup up to 200% or even more. So here I present you with some useful tips to increase battery backup of your Smartphone helpful for all cross platform handsets.

Note – If you take a look at all the latest Smartphone’s or tablets you will notice that on an average basis most of these Smartphone’s batteries last for a maximum of 1-2 days before getting completely discharged and in need of a recharge again but there is always an opportunity to increase the battery potential by using simple tips while using your Smartphone.

Tips To Increase Battery Backup Of Your Smartphone : Extend Your Battery Life

Reducing Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is one the major factor responsible for highest battery consumption or drainage therefore it is always recommended to set the brightness level of screen to 30-50% manually instead of opting for automatic brightness. You can increase the brightness level while using your Smartphone in day light.

Tips to Increase battery life of your smartphone - Reduce Screen brightness

Switch Off Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Services

Most of the time we forgot to turn off services like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi after their usage which in return drains a lot of battery by unnecessary searching for connectivity options. So Use it only when it is required and then immediately switch off.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

It is always better to keep only those apps which are constantly accessed or used by yourself and there is no meaning of keeping unwanted apps just for the sake of future usage as most of the apps run silently in background processes thus consuming extra juice out your battery. Therefore if you are not using any particular app at present you can uninstall it and later install it when required by saved copy of application from your Memory.

Set Screen Time Out To Minimum

Screen time out is basically the time that decides after how long your Smartphone screen stays on after interacting with it and it is good to keep this time as short as possible which will surely help you to minimize the power consumption of your Smartphone. This is useful for users who are not in a habit of ‘locking’ their phone after using and often lose 10-20% of their battery just because of this.

Note – The minimum screen out time on an Android Smartphone is 15 seconds whereas on Apple iOS devices it is 1 minute.

Install Third Party Battery Saving Apps

Today most of the new Smartphone’s come with preloaded battery-saving apps designed to increase your battery life by efficient utilization of available resources and if in case your phone doesn’t come with these built-in apps there is always an option to install these apps from your app store. To know the best battery-saving apps for your Smartphone you can go through the below given links.

Tips to Increase battery life of your smartphone - Use Battery Saver Apps

Keep Your Phone’s Software And Apps Updated:

Always keep your phone’s software and apps updated regularly as these updates often improve the overall performance of your Smartphone by reducing the power consumption thereby delivery a longer battery life.

Turn Off Vibrations And Haptic Feedback:

Vibrations are indeed very useful for providing incoming calls or messages notifications especially when you are in business meetings or watching movies at theater or at places where it is required to keep your Smartphone silent but do you know vibrations actually use up more power as compared to ringtones therefore it is better to keep you phone in complete silent mode or use ring tones wherever it is possible.

Haptic feedback refers to the vibrating feedback received from your Smartphone every time the touch screen is used which drains a lot of power so switching it off saves battery life.

So, start following these tips from right now and get more juice out of your Smartphone….I hope you find this information helpful…If you have any other useful suggestion please let me know by commenting below and I will update it soon….Thanks


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